Electrical Compliance Certificate


Electrical Compliance CertificateElectrical Compliance Certificate

Everything About The Electrical Certificate of Compliance in South Africa!

Welcome To Electrical Compliance Certificate by Electrician Bluff! When you buy property or sell property you will come across the requirement for an Electrical Certificate of Compliance also better known as the Electrical Compliance Certificate or ECC. If you are unsure exactly what an Electrical Compliance Certificate is, then provided below is everything you need to know about COC Certificate!.

What Is A Electrical Compliance Certificate?

A COC is an official document that serves as proof that the Electrical Installation is Safe and complies with the rules and regulations set out by the South African National Standards 10142-1 (Click Here To View and Download Document). This particular law requires you to have in possession an Electrical Certificate at all times as well as your Home Insurance Company.

Who Is Responsible?

It’s the responsibility of the owner or person renting the property to be in possession of the Electrical Certificate of Compliance at all times. Since 2010 An Electrical Certificate of Compliance is valid for two years provided that the installation was maintained correctly during this time. Any extras that you may have included after the original Electrical Installation will need to be covered by a separate Electrical Certificate of Compliance or alternatively the entire installation will need to be re-inspected and certified.

Electrical Certificate of Compliance

So in Short An Electrical Compliance Certificate is proof that the electrical installation is safe and complies with the South African National Standards and is valid for a period of two years. Making sure to use a proper Electrician that is able to issue you with a Electrical Compliance Certificate is very important. If in the unfortunate event that you make use of a non-compliant electrician you will then assume the full responsibility as the owner of the property for the electrical installation.

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